Last fall, Governor Kate Brown selected a Jackson County resident to serve on our court.

This fall, Josephine County citizens make their choice.

CHOOSE Jason’s 17 years of solid attorney experience in Josephine County. He has experience in BOTH criminal and civil law.

CHOOSE Jason, a 17-year resident and small business owner in Josephine County.

CHOOSE Jason’s judicial experience as a Judge Pro Tem over an eight-year period, making impartial, informed, and decisive decisions in Josephine County.

CHOOSE Jason’s independence and work ethic for the bench. As judge, Jason’s allegiance is to the Constitution, following the law, and doing the right thing.


  • Citizens’ constitutional rights and individual liberties demand reverence. Jason impartially listens, independently thinks, and respectfully communicates.
  • No person, corporation, or government entity is above the law. Jason is committed to the rule of law.
  • Court is a service, not a place. Jason sees his fellow citizens as his equal and wants to help the community. He supports mental health and drug court programs that guide promising candidates toward more self-reliant lifestyles.
  • Local business owner. Jason brings genuine real-world business and community experience outside of government to the bench.

Jason relies on the support of those who’ve volunteered with him, nurtured his four children in District 7 schools, and trusted Jason with their legal matters for the last 17 years. This is our opportunity to return a long-time Josephine County community member to this critical position of service as Josephine County Circuit Court Judge.


Rooted in Our Community

Longtime resident of Josephine County. For over 17 years, I’ve lived, worked, and volunteered in Josephine County.

Local experience as a business owner.  As a local business owner, I have experienced the ups and downs our county has faced. I have gained genuine real-world experience that’s needed on the bench.


Jason Hayward for Judge

in Josephine County, Oregon

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